Searching for "the one": what else to look out for when choosing sunscreen (part 3)

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In my previous posts I talked about the different types of UV protection and the various organic and inorganic filters that offer UV protection. This week covers other considerations for choosing sunscreens. Finding the right texture for your skin type (and climate) It’s common to be put off the idea of sunscreen based on the assumption that it’s thick and greasy. Whilst this is true for some formulations, there are many that are lightweight and very wearable – particularly organic sunscreens. Drier skins may appreciate a richer, creamier texture, and there are formulations for oily skins which are light fluid textures with a...

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Sunscreen filters: separating the wheat from the chaff (Part 2)

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If you missed last week’s post on the importance of UVA and UVB protection you can read it here. Otherwise read on to learn more about the different options for UV filters. One of the main reasons why people struggle to commit to daily sunscreen is that many formulations just aren’t “cosmetically elegant” (read: they feel bloody awful on the skin) or they can cause irritation / breakouts for some. For sunscreen to be worn daily, it’s obviously important that it feels nice on the skin and doesn't cause any negative effects. After all, the best sunscreen is one you...

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Sun protection: the best tool against skin ageing (Part 1)

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Protecting your skin from UV exposure is one of the most effective ways of preventing damage to your skin. If you currently spend your hard earned cash on skincare products for “anti-ageing”, sunscreen is without doubt the best anti-ageing product available and without it there seems little point in using other anti-ageing products. There is a much better level of awareness of the dangers of harmful UVB rays, responsible for “lobster red” sunburnt skin (a common occurrence in the UK when the sun makes its rare appearance here!) as well as different forms of skin cancer, and this has resulted...

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Blogger Beauty Balm's review of Apothaka rejuvenating face oil

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Delighted to read Sandra from Beauty Balm's lovely review of my rejuvenating face oil. Read what she had to say here. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review Sandra! xo

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Preservative-free skincare: friend or foe?

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I touched on this in my last blog post - Natural vs “chemical” skincare: an irrelevant debate? In response to the scaremongering around synthetic ingredient often defined as “toxic”, some natural / green beauty products are being sold as “preservative-free”. This either means that the preservatives used haven’t been disclosed, or worse, they’re not using preservatives at all and that is something as consumers we really should be concerned about. To clarify, I’m not talking about anhydrous (oil only) products that contain no water / will not have any contact with water. For any products that do contain water however,...

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