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About Apothaka & Apothaka’s brand values

Apothaka’s philosophy is based on the premise that your skin is an incredibly intelligent organ and we just need give it the tools to support it and allow it to function well on its own, rather than create a cycle of damage & repair, which is increasingly common with so many aggressive products out there. This means:

  • Gentle but high performance skincare which puts a healthy skin barrier first
  • A less is more approach through:
    • multi-tasking products to support your skin goals
    • respecting the skin and the environment
  • Products which fuse functional skincare & self-care – carefully chosen ingredients that benefit your skin, elegant textures and divine scents, as well as fragrance free options
  • No nonsense marketing or gimmicks:
    • no overpromising (our goal is healthy skin, not perfect / flawless skin)
    • no fear tactics or long “free from” lists
    • no big influencer campaigns, glossy ads or big retailer mark ups
    • no wasteful packaging
    • the focus is all on the products, which speak for themselves

Apothaka products are designed with everyone in mind – regardless of skin type, age, gender, skin colour. If your goal is healthy skin, then this range is for you!

Given the focus on gentle, supportive formulations, products are formulated to minimise the risk of irritation and they are enjoyed by those with sensitive, reactive skin types. The fragrance free range in particular is ideal for sensitive skin and you can find more information on suitable products on each product page – including additional usage tips for sensitive skin. Given that irritant reactions are impossible to predict, it is always advisable to patch test products before first use of any product

Animal testing in the EU (and UK) has been banned for several years, and in order to comply with EU and UK cosmetic regulations, animal testing is not allowed, and Apothaka products are not sold in any region requiring animal testing. My products are tested on humans, not animals!

All Apothaka products are vegan friendly – they contain no animal derivatives. The EVY daily face mousse SPF30 is the only product sold on this store which is not vegan (it contains collagen and silk). All other EVY sunscreens are vegan however

Comedogenic ratings are often cited (and over-egged) in the skincare world, but the tests upon which they are based are outdated and inaccurate: they were based on tests on rabbit ears (last time I looked, we were human!), and at extremely high doses which aren’t typically used in products. So, I tend to avoid using the term “non-comedogenic” as it’s a marketing term and isn’t a guarantee that it won’t clog your pores – remember, formulation really does matter, and we can all react differently to products. That said, my products are formulated to minimise the risk of clogged pores – through the use of lightweight textures, high linoleic plant oils (which are better suited to blemish prone skin)

Delivery & Returns

I ship to most worldwide destinations, providing there is a reliable delivery service available. Most of the popular destinations are available through checkout, but if you aren’t sure, then please contact me at hello@apothaka.com

Depending on when your order is placed, orders are processed within 1-3 working days (unless items are out of stock) and currently are shipped on Monday or Thursday mornings (UK time).

This depends on where we are shipping to and which shipping service you have selected. I offer standard services which are cost effective but can be a little slower, and for most countries, express shipping which is quicker but does cost extra. More information can be found here: https://www.apothaka.com/pages/delivery-returns

Standard delivery in the UK is free, and worldwide standard shipping starts from £5.95 depending on location; premium and express options are also available. More details can be found here: https://www.apothaka.com/pages/delivery-returns

hipping providers will make one or two attempts to deliver your parcel. If there is no answer, they will return the parcel back to us as undelivered (especially Royal Mail UK and international services). We can arrange for it to be sent back out to you, but please be aware there will be an additional fee for this to cover the shipping cost

Delivery timescales are shown on the “delivery” section of each product page. These are not guaranteed and depending on the time of year, delays with some shipments can happen. More details of shipping updates and how long to allow before contacting me about your order can be found here: https://www.apothaka.com/pages/delivery-returns

Our returns policy can be found here: https://www.apothaka.com/pages/delivery-returns. For hygiene reasons, returns are only allowed on sealed, unopened products.

Account & Rewards

Aside from being able to keep track of your orders, you also get access to Apothaka Glow Getters rewards programme, which allows you to earn points on your orders, and these can be used to get discounts off future orders. It’s my way of saying thank you and rewarding your loyalty! You can access the programme via the blue “launcher” button on the bottom left corner of any page. Find out more about the programme here: https://www.apothaka.com/pages/rewards

You can easily create an account by clicking the “create an account” button at the top right corner of the any page. The “log in” button is in the same place for those with accounts already


Please feel free to get in touch at hello@apothaka.com if you’re interested in becoming a retailer of my products. I’m particularly interested to hear from aestheticians in the UK or worldwide who are keen to stock my range!

Other questions

Still got questions? Contact us at hello@apothaka.com. I aim to reply to messages within 1-2 working days