Shop fragrance free / essential oil free (sensitive skin)

My fragrance and essential oil free range has been formulated specifically for those with sensitive/sensitised skin and those that wish to avoid essential oils in their skincare.These products will gently nourish and comfort the skin. Staying true to the rest of the Apothaka range, the Comforting range and my new Skin Quenching moisturiser is formulated with light, easily absorbed oils.

Fragrance and essential oils can contain some constituents that are potentially allergenic in some people (you will see these constituents commonly listed on full ingredients lists as they need to be declared in line with EU cosmetic regulations). Whilst many people are able to tolerate essential oils/fragrance in skincare products, others may show sensitivity, particularly if the skin barrier is disrupted in any way. If you have a known sensitivity to fragrance / essential oils or if you are using strong actives in your skincare routine (retinoids, other acids etc), these essential oil free/fragrance free formulations will support the skin and minimise the risk of further disrupting your skin barrier.

My barrier support serum contains 5% niacinamide, ceramide complex & hyaluronic acid. If your goal is healthy skin then you need to keep your skin barrier in check. A compromised barrier can result in dry, dull skin and the potential for irritation and sensitivity as unwanted substances are more easily able to penetrate the skin. This hydrating serum is designed to support, protect and replenish the skin barrier, allowing it to maintain its optimal hydration balance and keep skin healthy. With a weightless, light gel texture, this layers perfectly under a moisturiser.