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At Apothaka® we’re passionate about creating thoughtful formulations which support a healthy skin barrier through a "less is more" approach to skincare. Our approach centres on giving skin the tools to support it and allow it to function well on its own, rather than creating a cycle of damage & repair which is increasingly common due to the overuse of aggressive products. We favour skin health over trends, gimmicks and endless product launches. Where so much of the beauty industry is focussed on an unrealistic goal around "perfect" or "flawless" skin, Apothaka® is here to reset the goal to healthy, happy skin (and healthy ageing while we're at it!) for everyone!

Working closely with a cosmetic chemist, we have developed unique products using the best of what nature & science have to offer (we firmly believe that skincare doesn't need to be about one OR the other!). Apothaka® products are about improving the way skin looks and feels but also about enjoying the experience of using them, through glorious textures and scents. The range is growing slowly (but responsibly), with the aim of developing a complete but curated skincare routine which keeps things simple! Apothaka products are fully compliant with UK & EU cosmetic regulations and are all made here in the UK.

Our Products

  • Face care

    Gentle, yet effective skincare, thoughtfully formulated with carefully chosen ingredients to hydrate, replenish the skin, and support skin health. Beautiful lightweight textures which are a joy to use. With fragrance free or lightly fragranced options -there is something for everyone!

  • Hand care

    Hand care can be more than functional. Nourish and treat your hands, nails & cuticles with this best -selling hand care collection which combines effectiveness and a luxury experience with divine textures & scents! Available in aesthetically beautiful, yet convenient packaging - these products are perfect for your handbag or your nightstand!


  • Apothaka range - review

    Pixiwoo - September 26, 2018

    "For me, this (rebalancing cleansing oil) is like an at home spa experience. I like to cup over my nose and breathe deeply for a few breathes before massaging this cleanser all over. The blend of Jojoba, Geranium, Lavender and Comfrey work well to not over power the senses but provide a relaxing aroma that is a joy to use. Very enjoyable to use as part of a bedtime routine. As well as being soothing this oil is really light in texture so if your skin leans more toward combination, you won’t feel clogged or greasy. Nice for a stressed out skin and those who enjoy the process of using a soothing and relaxing oil to remove the day from your skin"

  • The cleansing oil I need

    Rougepout Beauty - October 26, 2017

    "Every part of this product from the oil itself to the ingredients and informative website make it a brand and a range of handmade products that work for your skin. I mentioned earlier that I was also kindly sent a sample for the normal/combination face oil, once my parcel had arrived I received an email, this is client aftercare like no other, it details how to use the oil, what works best depending on the skin type you generally lean towards, how much to use, other tips and how to store oils. Many brands have very useful product information that comes with a product's packaging, this is a wonderful indication of the care, thoughtfulness and knowledge that Natasha has in her brand and the products she handmakes. A beautiful brand that often has limited stock because it is handmade, it is worth getting to know Apothaka, worth waiting for and with such effective products, knowledge behind the brand and the highest standard of customer care, your skin will thank you for it."

Having spent many years working and training therapists in the beauty industry I’ve had my fair share of trying plenty of skin care products. I know an amazing skin care product when I try it! This oil is to die for. Not heavy, unbelievably hydrating, it left my skin feeling so happy, glowing and radiant. When hubby mentions how nice my skin looks I know I’m onto a good thing. I just wished it came in a extra large bottle so I can bathe in it. Natasha, you should be so proud of this is mega amazing face oil. You have made my night times so much more enjoyable!

Natalie Lowe

Former BBC Strictly professional dancer


Natasha Dauncey

Founder of Apothaka®

Natasha has a genuine passion for skincare which developed after experiencing problems with her skin. Although her background is in marketing research in the pharmaceutical sector, she has undertaken a number of courses in formulating skincare products, the use of essential oils in skincare and advanced skincare science (CIBTAC level 4), as well as being an avid reader of scientific articles on skin and skincare ingredients. She also has a strong interest in wellness / nutrition and fitness, all of which can play a part in maintaining good skin.

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