How to get more from your rejuvenating face oil

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Did you know that my rejuvenating face oil is a multi-tasker? Obviously the best way to use this rejuvenating face oil is overnight when your skin has time to recover. However, there’s other ways to use this fabulous oil and I wanted to share them with you:

  • Add a drop or two with your day moisturiser for an extra boost: my skin doesn’t like heavy moisturisers so I use my own very light cream in the day. With the colder weather setting in and having turned on the heating I feel like I need a little more of a boost so by adding a drop of my face oil with my day moisturiser I get the added benefit without the feel of a heavy cream. My skin type is combination - so my cheeks are drier / dehydrated and it's these areas where I add the oil for extra protection against the cold
  • Remember for your night-time routine, you can use the oil either with or without a night cream depending on your skin's needs. Those with really dry skin may benefit from using my oil with night cream. 
  • Add a few drops to a DIY clay face mask: as I've mentioned before, I make my own firming face mask using bentonite clay which leaves my skin feeling super soft! Clay can feel quite drying however, so by adding a few drops of oil I get a moisturising effect alongside the clay is working its magic! Let me know if you’d like my DIY firming face mask recipe if you haven't already requested it – it’s so easy to make and apart from the clay and face (or other carrier) oil, you can use ingredients you already have at home. Obviously I’m biased, but it’s so much better than mainstream masks available and much more cost effective
  • Get your glow on: want to give your skin a healthy glow without all the shimmer? If I'm wearing foundation, I like to add 1 drop of oil to it and then apply to my face for a lovely dewy finish. Even if I'm just wearing a face powder / bronzing powder, I apply a drop of oil to my face first (over my day cream as above), leave it a minute or two to sink in, then apply powder as normal - it gives a lovely smooth base for applying make up!
  • Tame unruly hair: in a pinch, there’s nothing to stop you using a drop of your face oil on the ends of your hair to manage frizz. Obviously your precious oil is best saved for your face, however I’m all for travelling light and multi-tasking products so this could free up space in your luggage! ;)

Which reminds me, if you're off on travels, why not take our handy 10ml travel size face oil with you? Small enough to carry in your hand luggage and have space for other must have skincare products!

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