Apothaka founder Natasha Dauncey talks to Clawgasmic about nail care

Posted by Natasha Dauncey on

Aside from my love of skincare, it's probably no surprise to you all that I'm just a little obsessed with nails too! So I was very honoured to be asked by the wonderful Chan, co-founder of Clawgasmic.com to be featured on her blog to talk all things nails and nail care!

To find out what I had to say, you can read the blog here.

Clawgasmic is a fantastic initiative for nail artists focused on connecting talent, sharing ideas, inspiration, education, staying on top of the latest trends, and helping nail-related businesses grow. I love how Chan is so committed to uniting nail techs and nail lovers from all over the world. Thank you so much for the opportunity Chan! xo

Natasha Dauncey natural nail care

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