Skin barrier health: preservation vs repair

Posted by Natasha Dauncey on

NB I originally posted this on Instagram in August 2020 but wanted to save it here as a reference point for anyone interested in skin barrier health!

Keep skin barrier health as a key goal when approaching your daily skincare routine (the clue's in the name: skin-CARE! 😉 Support your skin barrier all the time, rather than only considering it when its limits have been pushed: a proactive rather than reactive approach!

So how do you support your skin barrier?:
🌟 a gentle routine that hydrates & protects ie.
🌟 regular sunscreen use
🌟 gentle cleansing
🌟 a suitable moisturiser for your skin type to keep the skin hydrated
🌟 a consistent routine - avoid chopping and changing, and resisting the urge to try every new product out there!
🌟 "less is more" approach to actives/products - avoid higher active concentrations than what's needed, go slow and steady!
🌟 healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise etc)

By focusing more on skin health, you may find you need less in the way of actives/products than you think! Your skin has a great capacity to function properly on its own if it's well supported. @andymillward_ is a great resource on skin barrier health if you're looking for more info!

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