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2 oils you must try from Apothaka - blogger Ms Tantrum's review

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The lovely Ashh recently posted a wonderful review of my rebalancing cleansing oil and rejuvenating face oil on her blog. You can check it out here. Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a lovely review and take some really beautiful photos Ashh (one of Ashh's photo below)! xo

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Blogger Beauty Balm's review of Apothaka rejuvenating face oil

blog post natural skincare rejuvenating face oil

Delighted to read Sandra from Beauty Balm's lovely review of my rejuvenating face oil. Read what she had to say here. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review Sandra! xo

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Do you really need to double cleanse?

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WHAT?? I hear you say! Let me start by saying that I have a long history of double cleansing, prompted by my use of Dermalogica pre cleanse many years ago! Up until a few months ago double cleansing was a core part of my skincare routine and I saw no reason to veer away from it. However, over the summer I was on holiday in Spain for around 10 days and by chance, took only one cleanser with me (my rebalancing oil cleanser). It was at that point that I started single cleansing every night. This would seem counterintuitive given...

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Oil I need for great skin: Blogger Rougepout Beauty's review of Apothaka Rebalancing Cleansing oil

blog post cleansing cleansing oil combination skin double cleanse essential oils high linoleic jojoba natural skincare non comedogenic normal skin oil cleanser oil cleansing plant-based skincare routine

A truly wonderful read from the lovely Rebecca, who gives a very comprehensive review of my Rebalancing Cleansing oil. Please do check out her post to see what she has to say! You can read Rebecca's post here Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review Rebecca! xo P.S. This isn't a PR post, Rebecca purchased the cleansing oil herself! :)

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Blogger Lucy Dorling gives her verdict on Apothaka oil blends

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The very lovely Lucy Dorling has written a glowing review of my SOS recovery nail & cuticle oil and the award-winning rejuvenating face oil for normal to combination skin. Check out her blog post for the full review below. Read Lucy's review on Apothaka oils Thank you so much to Lucy for such fantastic feedback! xo

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