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Introducing Apothaka® barrier support serum with niacinamide, ceramides & hyaluronic acid

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I wanted to dedicated a full post to the latest addition to my (small but perfectly formed) range: my new barrier support serum. Read on to find out more about the formulation, key ingredients and their benefits! Niacinamide (vitamin B3) My interest in niacinamide for skin health started when I began dabbling with retinoids. My previous track record of using actives in skincare hadn’t been great (hello irritation!) and whilst I was keen to build a stronger retinoid into my routine, I wanted to be sure my skin could handle it. If my skin was healthy before I started a prescription...

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Finding the optimum skincare routine

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I've had a couple of enquiries recently about skincare routines and products from customers and I had written this post a while back so thought it was time to share it with you. I wanted to walk you through my own skincare routine – a few weeks ago I posted on social media about the products I use every day but this post will explain the logic in a bit more detail. This is by no means me telling you what routine to follow but more what's worked for me! Those within the beauty community may find this routine too...

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How to get more from your rejuvenating face oil

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Did you know that my rejuvenating face oil is a multi-tasker? Obviously the best way to use this rejuvenating face oil is overnight when your skin has time to recover. However, there’s other ways to use this fabulous oil and I wanted to share them with you: Add a drop or two over your day moisturiser for an extra boost: my skin doesn’t like heavy moisturisers so I use my own very light cream in the day. With the colder weather setting in and having turned on the heating I feel like I need a little more of a boost so by...

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Read what beauty blogger Lisa Colegate thinks about Apothaka rejuvenating face oil

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Want to find out what beauty blogger Lisa Colegate thinks of Apothaka's rejuvenating face oil for normal to combination skin? Read her blog post for her fantastic feedback! Thank you to Lisa for such a wonderful, glowing review and for such a warm welcome to the beauty community xo Read Lisa's blog post here: 10 years younger  

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