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Ethical skincare: fat free jelly beans anyone?!

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Being perceived as ethical is something that to which a lot of brands aspire. In the world of beauty it's synonymous with being cruelty free, using responsibly sourced ingredients, being environmentally conscious and corporate social responsibility. These are all of course very important things. But what about ethical or responsible marketing? How brands convey their key selling points, what they tell you about their products, the foundation for their claims. This can be at odds with the idea of being ethical. Take ingredients that promise to cure cancer, claims that a product is free of “toxins / chemicals” (implying that competitor products are somehow toxic) or claims that a product gets deep...

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Incorporating retinoids - my top tips (part 2)

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In case you missed last week, I gave a run down on retinoids and why I feel they’re the king of skincare! This week I wanted to share how I managed to build in a stronger retinoid (tretinoin 0.025%) for anti-ageing and congestion without any irritation or peeling. Disclaimer: Retinoids aren’t for everyone and if your skin is sensitive or if you have specific skin conditions then these products may not be for you. I encourage you to do your own research and if you’re considering prescription strength options, speak to a healthcare professional first to decide if it’s right...

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The lowdown on retinoids (part 1)

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Last year I experimented with a LOT of different products. I was curious about what people were using and wanted to try them for myself. As someone who has always had a pretty basic routine with little use of “actives” my skin REALLY freaked out. It got irritated initially and when I finally managed to get rid of that I noticed my skin started to get congested very easily and I seemed to be getting more breakouts than before. I tried using salicylic acid which helped a little but the issue didn’t really go away. I knew retinoids were an...

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Apothaka on Pixiwoo blog

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By chance I met the gorgeous Stacey who runs the Pixiwoo blog a few months ago. We got chatting about skincare and Stacey kindly offered to try out some of my products. Of course I jumped at the chance! Who better to road test my range than someone who probably gets inundated with beauty products?! Thank you Stacey for taking the time to test out my products so thoroughly. You can read Stacey's review here  

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Searching for "the one": what else to look out for when choosing sunscreen (part 3)

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In my previous posts I talked about the different types of UV protection and the various organic and inorganic filters that offer UV protection. This week covers other considerations for choosing sunscreens. Finding the right texture for your skin type (and climate) It’s common to be put off the idea of sunscreen based on the assumption that it’s thick and greasy. Whilst this is true for some formulations, there are many that are lightweight and very wearable – particularly organic sunscreens. Drier skins may appreciate a richer, creamier texture, and there are formulations for oily skins which are light fluid textures with a...

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