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Apothaka utilises the power of plant-based ingredients to make high quality, effective natural skincare products which are cruelty free & vegan friendly. All our products are blended by hand in the UK in small batches in order to ensure maximum freshness. The unique formulations have been carefully designed by founder, Natasha Dauncey: no pre-made bases are used. Just the best ingredients, selected based on their benefits for your skin type. The range features predominantly lightweight, high linoleic oils, known for their affinity with the skin and particular benefit for irritated and damaged skin as they help to maintain skin barrier function.  Essential oils not only provide a natural and subtle scent and can help to improve your overall sense of well-being. The upcoming essential oil free range is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin, or for those using strong actives in their skincare routine.

Apothaka products are suitable for a wide range of skin types and ages and some of the range has been featured in Vogue. Our normal to combination skin formulation, which recently won a 2017 Beauty Shortlist Editor's Choice Award is particularly suitable for skin prone to occasional break outs as it's specifically formulated with non-occlusive ingredients that don't clog pores, unlike many other heavier face oils on the market. 

Our products are about improving the way skin looks and feels but also about enjoying the experience of using: like bringing a bit of the spa experience at home. We plan to add further products to our range in the future, including a water-based hydrating serum - coming soon!

Press coverage
"Every part of this product from the oil itself to the ingredients and informative website make it a brand and a range of handmade products that work for your skin. I mentioned earlier that I was also kindly sent a sample for the normal/combination face oil, once my parcel had arrived I received an email, this is client aftercare like no other, it details how to use the oil, what works best depending on the skin type you generally lean towards, how much to use, other tips and how to store oils. Many brands have very useful product information that comes with a product's packaging, this is a wonderful indication of the care, thoughtfulness and knowledge that Natasha has in her brand and the products she handmakes. A beautiful brand that often has limited stock because it is handmade, it is worth getting to know Apothaka, worth waiting for and with such effective products, knowledge behind the brand and the highest standard of customer care, your skin will thank you for it."
The cleansing oil I need
Rougepout Beauty - October 26, 2017
"I am quite a cynical buyer of beauty products in that I often buy them but don't expect miracles. I take most of the claims made for products with a pinch of salt. So it's not often that I use the "M" - or Miracle - word for anything. But, dear reader, I'm using it for Apothaka's SOS Recovery Nail and Cuticle Oil. This product has been getting rave reviews from bloggers, and quite rightly so. I can honestly say that in the five weeks I've been using it, my nails have become far stronger and longer than I dared hope, and my cuticles are no longer risen and overgrown."
A miraculous nail oil & cuticle oil
Is this Mutton? - September 13, 2017
"This (Rejuvenating Face Oil for Normal to Combination Skin) is a beautiful Facial Oil that I really love using (so much so I’ve given away other oils I had open that I stopped using in favour of this!), and I will definitely be buying a replacement""
Apothaka Natural Skincare
Lucy Dorling Beauty Blog - April 26, 2017
The Beauty Shortlist 2017 Editors Choice Awards Winner - March 02, 2017
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Still amazed at the powers of this @apothakaskincare oil! It consistently impresses me and ive often felt a bit emotional looking in the mirror in the mornings! No other product has single handedly improved my skin as much as this (let's not count retinoids, different story) Ive had the confidence to wear a TM (tinted moisturiser) everyday for 2 weeks, which for me, is huge! Ive been wearing full coverage foundation since I was 14! This really is a dream come true for oily acne prone skin."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This potion is absolutely flawless. My skin adores it. I can't get enough of the smell either. Looks likely to become a permanent product for my skincare routine."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Over the years I have tried at least a dozen different brands. But...the day I first put on this new SOS recovery nail & cuticle oil from Apothaka will forever be memorable. Immediately I recognized that this oil is like no other and I felt the most diva like I have since I got a gift certificate to a fancy spa many years ago. But, the real kicker is how well this oil has worked for me in a relatively short time. Not only does it provide the right balance of moisture, but it is taming my cuticles so that they're less noticeable and healthier too. And my nails are keeping that flexibility that I'm always seeking (my nails are naturally hard which can lead to breaks). Plus, they're growing like weeds! Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product!!"
Natasha Dauncey
Founder & Owner
Natasha has a genuine passion for natural, plant-based skincare which developed after experiencing problems with her skin. Although her background is in marketing research in the pharmaceutical sector, she has undertaken a number of courses in formulating natural skincare products, the use of essential oils in skincare and advanced skincare science (CIBTAC level 4), as well as being an avid reader of scientific articles on skin and skincare ingredients. She also has a strong interest in diet / nutrition and fitness, all of which play a part in maintaining good skin.
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